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#1 Deli and Sandwiches in Pompano Beach
About Bella Monte Italian Deli

Bella Monte Italian Deli has been serving the Pompano Beach community for over 51 years now with its home-cooked recipes handed down from one Italian generation to the next. Our meals, sauces and sausages are made on the premises with only the finest quality ingredients. We take great pride in ensuring that the preparation and cooking processes are maintained at the highest quality in order to provide our customers with the most flavorful meals.

For those who are interested in preparing their own meals, remember our shelves are full of your favorites: specialty imported Italian olive oils, olives, San Marzano tomatoes, various spices, pastas, plus many others. To accompany those ingredients, take a look at our cheeses and wines from the smaller but high quality suppliers you're unlikely to find in the volume stores. A meal is simply incomplete without cheesecake, Tiramisu, Almond cake, Limoncello or Spumoni ice cream.

Our friendly professional staff are more than willing to consult with you – whether its in regards to cooking, catering or just organizing an evening meal. Delegate the cooking to us so you can focus on what matters: enjoying the company of family and friends.
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