Homemade Prepared Foods

No time? Little time? Take your time... with the delicious prepared foods offered at Bella Monte. We will make your next dinner once to remember with our delicious prepared food selections. Looking for something else? Don't see something you like? Speak to our team, and we will also try to accommodate special requests


Homemade Sauce (Pint)
Meat sauce, marinara, eggplant, pink, Marsala, meatless sauce
$5.49 & up
Homemade Sauce (Quart)
$9.99 & up

Homemade by the Pound

Homemade Italian
Mild, Hot, or Ringed Chevilat
Grilled Eggplant
Breaded Chicken Cutlets
Chicken Parmigiana


Rapini with garlic
Assortment of Olives
Roasted Peppers
Marinated Artichoke Hearts
Stuffed Cherry Peppers
Marinated Fresh Mozzarella
Fresh Mozzarella
Assortment of Imported Cheeses

Cold Cuts

Minimum order: quarter lb.
$8.99 lb.
Hoffman's Cheddar Cheese
$9.99 lb.
Finlandia Swiss
$9.99 lb.
Asiago Pepperoncino
$9.99 lb.
Mastro Hot Senoa
$9.99 lb.
Diluso Salami
$13.49 lb.
Cittero Salami
$8.99 lb.
Volpi Wine Slami
$14.99 lb.
Hormel Pepperoni
$11.99 lb.
Capicola Hot Pancetta
$10.99 lb.
Prosciutto Di Parma 2 Yr
$9.00 per qtr. lb.
San Daniel Prosciutto 2 Yr
$8.00 per qtr. lb.
Domestic Prosciutto
$4.00 per qtr. lb.
$3.75 per qtr. lb.
Boar's Head Pastrami
$13.99 lb.
Boar's Head Corned Beef
$13.99 lb.
Boar's Head Roast Beef
$13.99 lb.
Boar's Head Hot Cappy
$10.99 lb.
Boar's Head Ham Cappy
$10.99 lb.
Boar's Head Ham
$10.99 lb.
Boar's Head Peppered Ham
$11.49 lb.
Boar's Head Black Forest Ham
$11.49 lb.
Boar's Head Oven Gold Turkey
$11.49 lb.
Boar's Head Black Forest Turkey
$9.99 lb.
Boar's Head Low Sodium Turkey
$10.99 lb.
Boar's Head Salsalito Turkey
$11.49 lb.
Boar's Head Honey Turkey
$11.49 lb.
Boar's Head Liverwurst
$8.99 lb.
Boar's Head Bologna
$8.99 lb.
The FDA advises consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs increases your risk of foodborne illness.

Serving sizes are approximate.
Prices subject to change without notice.
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